Turn your protein bar into a nutritious bar with organic vitamins and minerals.

Plant-based Meats

Create a natural nutritional profile in your product to rival that of meat.

Plant-based Dairy

Enhance dairy alternatives with natural nutrients for a dairy-like nutritional profile.

Protein Powders and Shakes

Add to protein powders or shakes to increase the nutritional profile.

Gummies and Sweets

100% natural and certified organic multi-vitamin gummies are compatible with BIOVIT.


BIOVIT has a blend for acidic drinks too, so you can fortify any beverage.


The easiest way for children and adults to get essential vitamins & minerals.


The world’s most popular convenience snack, fortified with natural vitamins & minerals


BIOVIT can be used in indulgent foods to appeal to people seeking guilt-free snacking.

Organic Dairy

Organic dairy brands can now fortify their most complex flavours with BIOVIT’s tasteless blends.


Most cereals are fortified synthetically, now we offer fortification for All Natural and Organic cereals. 

Baked Goods

BIOVIT works perfectly in any type of baked item like cookies and cake.


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