BIOVIT – Organic vitamins and minerals for fortified foods

£1.5m in research funding

Certified Organic

Clinically developed & tested

Our certified Organic multi-vitamin and mineral blends can be used by food & drink companies of any scale to fortify their products.

Fortify food and drink products with natural nutrients

Access over 100 approved health claims

Add value and increase product margins

Driven by consumer appetite

Independent consumer surveys show a huge appetite for natural nutrients


would prefer only natural vitamins and minerals in their food*


would pay more for food with natural ingredients**


would pay more for fortified foods with only natural nutrients*

*Vypr Independent survey of 500 General Consumers

**Ingredion 2023 consumer food preference trends

In partnership with Swansea University, BIOVIT is studying the bioavailability and efficacy of plant-derived versus synthetic vitamins and minerals.

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