The world’s first clinically developed and tested plant-derived multi-nutrient blends

Clinical study to assess the bioavailability and efficacy of plant-derived versus synthetic multi-nutrient blends

Project Summary

A double-blind, randomised controlled trial to assess the bioavailability and efficacy of synthetic versus plant-derived nutrient in healthy individuals.

Project NPD

The world’s first process-stable, plant-derived multi-nutrient blends, for use in food product manufacture, with guaranteed nutritional profile post-processing and at the end of a product’s shelf life.

Project Details

Programme: Better Food for All: Innovation for improved nutrition

Duration: 24 months

Academic Partner: Swansea University

Academic Lead: Richard Bracken, Professor in Exercise, Physiology and Biochemistry at A-STEM (Applied Sport, Technology, Exercise and Medicine Research Centre)

Funding Body: UK Research Institute (UKRI)

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